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1 Galaxy Cup Rules on Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:03 am


Thursday: 18-20:00 CET

The regular hours of match day is 18-20:00 CET, but if you can't play in that time, it is possible to talk with the  opponent's team captain and to agree to play at a different hour, or in a different day. As wildcards, it must be played until 7 days from the official kick off time have passed. When cup matches will be played, and the game will not play in the league in that Thursday.

Mode: 4on4
Duration: 2x10 min
Nicknames: the names which are registered in the team thread
Show room on list: No
Score limit: None
Time limit: 10 minutes
Overtime: No
Stadium: Big
In case of a tie, additional 5 minute periods will be played until a goal is scored (golden goal), with teams switching sides after each period.

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