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1 Official Rules on Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:10 am

D. Carter

When team applications are open, every new team has to sign-up in the relevant forum, by creating a new post in existing topic whose description field should contain the complete line-up, co-captains and the logo. If one of these requirements is missing, the application fails and the team is not allowed to participate in our league.

Important: Do not forget to specify the country of origin for each player.

A Captain is the owner of a team. The maximum number of captains in a team is limited to "1". The amount of Co-Captains is limited to "2". A Co-Captain has the following additional rights that a regular player has not: Usage of Wildcards and maintaining the line-up.

Important: A change of the captain needs the confirmation of the admins.

A team has to consist at least of "5" players. The maximum allowed number of players is "12". The total amount of your players can be edited whenever you wish.

All users who want to play in our league, must create a forum account. Players without a forum account are not allowed to play official matches.

Thursday: 19:30-20:00 CET (20:30-21:00 EET)

Saturday: 19:30-20:00 CET (20:30-21:00 EET)

The regular hours of match days is 19:30-20:00 CET (20:30-21:00 EET)  but if you can't play in that time, it is possible to talk with the  opponent's team captain and to agree to play at a different hour, or in a different day.As wildcards, it must be played until 7 days from the official kick off time have passed.

Mode: 4on4
Duration: 2x7 min
Nicknames: the names which are registered in the team thread
Show room on list: No
Score limit: None
Time limit: 7 minutes
Overtime: No
Stadium: Big

The place of teams in the league table is decided by the following factors:

Win: 3 Points
Draw: 1 Point
Loss: 0 Points

In case of the same amount of points, the goal difference counts.
In case of the same amount of both points and goal difference, the amount of scored goals counts.

A "Defwin" means a 3-0 victory.
A "Defloss" means a 0-3 loss.

To postpone a match (change the kick-off date), a so called "Wildcard" is necessary.

Amount of wildcards per season: "4"

A wildcard has to be used until 19:00 CET (20:00 EET) on the regular matchday. To make use of it, you have to write a post in matchday thread. The match has to be played within the following "7" days. It isn't allowed to postpone a game to a previous day.

If the wildcard is posted in the forum later than 19:00 CET (20:00 EET), the postponement isn't effective and the team has to play at the regular match time. If the team appears with less than "3" players or doesn't appear at all, the opponent team gets a 3-0 Defwin.If a team hasn't 4 players online at the match hour ,it is allowed to play in 4v3 mode.

Player transfers have to be posted in the team's line-up-thread with a new posting.
Please make use of the following pattern:
Addition: + player name (nationality)
Removal: - player name

A new player needs to be added to the line-up at least "30" minutes before a match if a team wants to make use of him in that match. If that doesn't happen, the player isn't eligible to play on that match day. Decisive in this case is the time of the forum post in the line-up-thread.

A player who didn't participate in the running season, is called "Free Player" and can be signed at any time.

A player who leaves his team during the season isn't called "Free Player" anymore and he must wait for the next transfer period to be signed by another.

A player in a team is allowed to sign for another team until 19:00 CET (20:00 EET) on the day of the 3rd match day. It is necessary to leave the previous team by being removed from their line-up-thread. The player is allowed to cut himself by posting "- player name" in the line-up-thread of his previous team.

A player who left his team after the 3rd match day has to wait for the transfer period to sign for a team again. To be a Free Player from the beginning of the transfer period on, it is necessary to leave the previous team by being removed from their line-up-thread. The player is allowed to cut himself by posting "- player name" in the line-up-thread of his previous team.

The transfer period begins after the last matchday of season's first part and expires at 20:00 CET on the first matchday of season's second part. Players who leave their team after this transfer period are not allowed to join any team until the official season ending.

If a team is disbanded during the running season, all of their matches are rated as a 0-3 Defloss. This rule also applies for matches which have already been played. The time of the disbanding doesn't have any influence on this rule.Noone of their statistics will be altered.Also the Top Scorers , Lead Assisters ,Goals Taken and Clean Sheet rankings will not be affected.

The players of a disbanded team are instantly Free Players and can sign for a new team.

All players have to appear to a match in time. Each player must be registrated in the forum. Furthermore a player has to use the nickname which is registered in the official line-up-thread on the Forum, or a nearly identical one. It is possible for players to change their nicknames 3 times per season.To make use of this simply post in your team's topic: Old Nickname: xxxl --- New Nickname:xxly.

If a player appears and plays without a forum account or with a different nickname, the player and his team will be penalised. This only happens in case of a protest, and the penlities will be decided by the EPHL Staff Members

If a team is making use of players who are not eligible to play, the match is being judged as a 0-3 Defloss. Only registrated players who are listed in the official line-up-threads on the League Forum are allowed to play. This has to be reported via an official protest, if no EPHL Supervisor was present at the game.

Every team has to appear to a match in time.

If a team is not ready to play with "4" or "3" players within 15 minutes, the match is being judged as a 0-3 Defloss. All matches must start in 4on4 modus, or 4on3 modus if the opponent team has only 3 players.

Exception: If a player drops during the running match, it is allowed to continue in 4on3 modus. Also it is allowed to make a substitute.

If a team leaves the Haxball-room during a match while they are in lead (or draw), the result is judged to a 3-0 Defwin for the opponent team.

If a team leaves the Haxball-room during a match while they are losing, the result at the moment of the leave counts.

If one player leaves the Haxball-room during a match and does not rejoin the room, his team has to play the whole running half in 4on3 modus. A substitution in such a case needs the approval of the opponent team.

If a user has massive ping problems, he has to notify the other players and the team is allowed to pause the match. The lagging user is allowed to reconnect to the room and keep playing. If the player is not able to end the running half because of massive ping problems, his team needs the approval of the opponent team for a substitution. We beg for fair play in such a case!

Teams are allowed to substitute players at half time or after a goal, without requesting the OK from the opponent team's captain. Also if the opponents agree, they can substitute players at any time during a match.

This League is using the "Three-Men-Defense".
That means that a maximum of three players of one team are allowed to defend actively. The fourth player has to clearly be in a distance to the own defending zone. The Three-Men-Defense applies in an obvious attacking situation. The not defending player of a team is not allowed to touch, block or in any way attack players of the opponent team during an attacking situation.

In case of a violation of the Three-Men-Defense, the admins will decide whether to judge the match as a 0-3 Defloss against the violating team.

Both teams are allowed to play one half of a match on their own host. If both teams agree with it, the whole match can be played on one host. If the teams wish for a neutral host, they have to strive for a fitting host themselves.

Every player is liable for his own performance during a match and should care for a trouble-free match procedure. A league match can only be stopped completely if all players in the room have performance problems (for example high pings). In such a case, the teams are allowed to stop the match to move to another host. If the teams are struggling to find a suitable host, the match can be delayed to a later point of time.

All the players that are involved into a match need to be respectful with the opponents as well as the streamer, host or match observators. If a spike is obviously, and your team scores during this spike, you have to be fair play and give back the goal. Remember that fair-play is not optional.

All teams are obliged to support the transmission of the result in the forum. At least one player of each team has to record the complete match. The entire match media needs to be uploaded on and has to be reported to the relevant forum thread.

Important: The entire match media has to be reported within 24 hours after the regular kick-off time. Wildcarded matches must be reported 24 hours after the agreed new time as well. If the teams fail to report the result properly within 24 hours, the match will be counted as 0-3 Defloss for both teams.

Important: If a replay or an important part of the required match media is missing, the match will be counted as 0-3 Defloss for both teams, no matter if both teams confirm the result. A rematch is not allowed.

Any type of AutoHotkey related programs are stictly forbidden. Making use of them will be punished depending on how much it was used during a game/how many clear macro evidence has been collected.

Do not try to fake a player from any team ever. You'll be severly penalised if enough evidence is collected. We are against this type of behavior, and we want a clean league without such incidents.

In case of rule violations it is possible to open an official complaint. Open a new topic in the Complaints's sub-forum [EPHL --- Management --- Complaints].

Important: A complaint must be done within 24 hours after the regular kick-off time (or agreed kick-off time if it is a postponed match), else it will be rejected. Only the captain or co-captain of a team is allowed to protest.

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