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1 Complaints - General Info on Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:18 am


Only the captains and the co-captains of a team have the right to make an official complaint.

It's title has to be the match it is about. It has to be written in English, so everyone can understand it. Furthermore, you must provide a replay of the match, or relevant screenshots, that can be further investigated by the EPHL Staff. Also you need to tell us about what are you actually complaining. You have to gather as much data and info as possible.


Topic title: Real Judgement vs Aces and Eights
REC-Files: Put the HBTube link here, leave blank if it isn't needed.
Screenshots: Upload them on a site like TinyPic, ImageShack and preferably use the link which contains
Description of what happened

Your complaint will be evaluated by the EPHL Staff, and one of the Head-Admins will announce the final decision in the complaint's topic, then, the topic will be locked.

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